Family Crisis Research Paper

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The specific crisis my family is facing has been long and ongoing for many years. It has brought some of us closer together, and driven some apart. It started many years ago when my grandpa (my dad’s dad) passed away after letting his $1million life insurance policy expire just days before. This left my step-grandma livid with no one to get back at but my dad who she felt must have influenced my grandfather’s decision. As a result, a long drawn out legal battle ensued. Several years’ prior, my grandparents and parents made an agreement for my parents to purchase my grandparents ranch for an agreed upon sum. After his death, my step grandma felt the ranch was worth most money and hired a lawyer to challenge the validity of the original document. The result was 9 months without a paycheck for my dad. The company who my parents raised chickens for wouldn’t renew my dad’s contract while the ranch was in litigation, while he was still paying out $40,000 each month in mortgage payments, utilities, etc., on their home and 2 ranches. We (my nuclear family) rallied around my parents, trying to help where we could, and lift their spirits. My …show more content…
B is the management of the stress, with humor, unity. C is our definition of the event. It was definitely undesirable, and challenging for the majority of us, but for my parents, they would define the event as a disaster. They lost the home the dreamt and built together on a plot of land on my mom’s family ranch. They had to move in with her aging parents and care for them all the while looking across the driveway at their old home, and the new family (which happened to be a cousin on my dad’s side) which had purchased the home and was spending obnoxious amounts of money on a huge pool, new cars, and a huge brand new motorhome. The combination or pileup of events all happening at once better reflect a double

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