Example Of Multicultural Awareness

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What is multicultural awareness? Multicultural awareness is when you realize that you are different from someone else it can be by race, gender, learning ability, health, physically, mentally, and emotionally, culture, belief of spirituality.

After taking the multicultural self-assessment, I have found my numbers to be in the 5 's or 4 's result after doing the multicultural self-assessment. What has caused me to be so confident about my life is my lifetime experience of being hurt, let down, and used to let what people read around me hurt my and lower myself esteem. But as time passed by I have learned that I am better than what people view of me, I am strong-minded black women that know what she want out of life.

As a child racism didn
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My self-assessment showed me that I have overcome the hard diversity that have haunted me as a young girl with self-determination and hard work. And my pass as that your girl has to help me shape my future. And self-assessment taught me if you want something hard enough, you will work until you get it. And my Disability doesn 't control me, I control it.
What I have learned about the self-assessment is that I have faced my past and by me facing my past it gave an understanding that I can do all things through Christ. I feel that my issue was a gateway into my life, making me stronger and more determine to overcome my obstacles in life. And shaping me to handle the different life challenges that make me second guess myself about
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I have found that people will judge you because you are not like them, but, you as a person should always have and open mind and don 't be judgmental to whatever a person is going through and if a person don’t understand you even though are being negative you stay positive and eventually a negative have to turn positive. As a person, you have to respect the lives of others. So saying all of this no one is perfect if you cannot help a person, please don 't throw stones. Everyone is someone like it or not, respect them. Something is taught by someone with a negative impact so we cannot judge they pray for them. And try to make a better environment for them.
Importance of Multicultural Awareness and Cultural Competency In life, you have to be aware of how you interact with people being conscious of your body language your face expression and how to perceive a person that have a different background than you. Make sure that you are aware of the different multicultural that you will come across as a counselor knowing that you will face people that will have issue, and you will have to know as a counselor that people have different background and

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