The Theme Of Hate In Othello By William Shakespeare

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Hate is something that comes from the root. In order to really hate another human being you just have to be really messed up in the head. Like its said hate is a strong word. Even though its such a thing, a lot of people have these feelings. They just have hate for people and they would rather see them fail rather than help them prosper. There are times when this hate becomes a destructive force that can even overcome the “healing” of love. We can see this demonstrated in the play “Othello” by William Shakespeare through the character Iago. This man had it for Othello from the start of the play we could see how much he really hated Othello. We can also see how hate went over love with the hate that Othello had for his wife Desdemona towards …show more content…
Iago was the reason that Othello killed himself and why he hated Desdemona so much to end up killing her, even though she was his wife. Now this hate that she had towards her own husband was justifiable. Iago used her as a pond in his plan to get back at Othello in such a horrific way. So Emilia basically found a handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona. With this handkerchief Iago had all the resources he needed to get back at Othello. Lets not forget that Emilia was the wife of Iago. Of course this meant that she loved him, even if it wasn’t a love that someone would call healthy because they were always arguing with each other. Iago even ends up killing her at the end of it all. This women Emilia and this man Iago got married, because of the obvious, they loved each other. But when hate was introduced into this relationship Emilia ratted out Iago. Iago just like Othello reacted by murdering his wife. With zero hesitation. He just went up to her and stabbed her. He didn’t regret it or nothing. This was because of the hate that he had in that moment for ratting him out. But he also had a lot of hate mixed into his brain from Othello. So once again like the previous two love lost to hate. Hate overcame love because its just so easy to choose it. When hate is in the picture you tend to think with your brain and not your …show more content…
Yes love is a magical thing, everyone deserves to have it sometime in their live time. Yes when you love someone they are world to you, you’d take a bullet for them. You’d take the food out of your mouth to keep them happy. But hate is just a much greater feeling when the situation is placed correctly. Just like we saw when Iago did all he could to get back at Othello for not promoting him but someone else instead. This hate that he had towards him caused a lot of problem in this play. We also so saw it, and probably the best example was the hate that Othello had towards Desdemona. For starters these two really loved each other. They loved what each other did and it was just a perfect love story. Until hatred was introduced into the relationship. He lost all sense when Iago lied to him about Desdemona cheating on him and he went ahead and killed her. Lastly when Emilia showed her hate towards her husband. We could have seen that this was bound to happen because of the way that Iago treated her, but not in a way that would lead to Iago being sent to jail possibly with the death sentence. With that problem we got another when Iago killed her because of what she did. Don’t forget that like Othello and Desdemona they were married. So at one point there was love. But hate overcame it and it ended in tragedy. With all this hate in this play how could love evert had prospered over hate.

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