Essay On Existential Theory

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Existential theory is a theory which in my opinion you need an open heart and mind to be able to fully understand. Existential theory concepts are great and many of the aspects of this theory I agree with. When looking into this theory the main aspect that I appreciated was that a lot of the values were the same as the ones I have. According to our textbook, the existential tradition definition is seeking a balance between recognizing the limits and tragic dimensions of human existence on one hand and the possibilities of human life on the other hand. (Corey, 2009, p. 145) I like this statement because it shows that you can grow off of your problems. Every time that I am having a hard time or feel bad about my own self I look ahead and just think about what I can change or do to make that situation better. I look ahead to see what I am possible of doing in my life. I believe that is the main concept in this theory. The theory has different propositions that seem as if they would be essential in helping someone with the problems that this theory is aimed towards. The capacity of self awareness, freedom and responsibility,striving for …show more content…
I don 't understand why a theory as well balanced as this one would be restricted to a certain type of problem. Corey (2009) states in the textbook that “existential therapy is most appropriate for clients who are committed to dealing with their problems about living, for people who feel alienated from the current expectations of society, or for those who are searching for meaning in their life.( p.159) The problem I see with this is that the theory can do more than help just those people. Existential therapy is all about helping people find personal growth, but it is restricted to people that are just looking for more out of life when everybody in the world needs growth at a personal level in their

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