Example Of Ethical Behavior

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Discussion of Examples of Ethical Behavior from Three Different Standards
Standard 1: Professional Conduct When an educator decides to enter into the field of education, the ethical educator will understand that he or she is joining a community of educators who should work collaboratively to ensure that every student gets the best education possible. For example, while interviewing the principal, she shared that her teachers plan together during their planning times. Also, they participate in professional learning communities to discuss students’ data in order to assist each other with delivery of instruction. These teachers go above and beyond by meeting afterschool and sometimes on weekend to discuss, plan, and revise lessons to promote
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To effectively do this, the ethical educator knows this will incorporate building trust relationship with all students. The principal stated that she encourages her teachers to get to know their students. Because it is a middle school setting, she reminds them to be cautious about building these relationships. She constantly reminds them about the code of ethics. The principal said the middle school is a tough age to teach; therefore, teachers must meet with students, show support, and empower them to take ownership of their own learning. As innocent as these relationships may be, the ethical educator should be aware of the boundaries that exist within these relationships. For that reason, the ethical educator must maintain a professional relationship at all times.
Standard 8: Maintenance of Confidentiality One of the most unethical things an educator can do is reveal personal information concerning a student. The ethical educator knows that maintaining confidentiality concerning students’ records or something that is told to them in confidence (unless it will cause harm) is of the utmost importance. For example, a student’s IEP being left unattended in an open area such as the teachers’ desk or a counter in the office. The ethical educator is always focus when viewing records and make certain that records are not left unattended.
Examples of Unethical Behavior and Possible
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The principal shared an incident in which one of her teachers constantly used profanity towards her students. Upon the first incident, the principal could not prove the claim, however, after the third claim she was able to gather proof. The educator was verbally abusing students in her class. The punishment that was administered to this teacher was a 3-day suspension. This incident could have resulted in termination.
Standard 5: Educator /Collegial Relationships The principal shared with me another incident in which she was having a meeting with some of her teachers concerning responsibilities. One of the teachers became irate. The principal attempted to remind her of the behavior she was displaying, however, the teacher continued to speak in a tone that was disrespectful and unprofessional to her supervisor and colleagues. The principal conference with the teacher and gave her a written reprimand with reference to the standard above. This incident could have resulted in suspension for the teacher.
Standard 9: Maintenance of

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