Example Of Divided Government

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1. Divided Government: A divide government can be defined as one party controls the White house and another party controls one or both houses of Congress. A divided government is when the president and one or both of the houses Congress are ultimately controlled by two different parties. Different branches of the government are controlled by different political parties. Since, the different branches of government are able to check in on one another, this allows a way in which the views of one party are able to stall the action of the other party. An example of a divided government occurs in the United States; for example, let’s say if the Republican Congress passes a bill or law, the Democratic president obtains the ability to cancel the …show more content…
Circular Structure: Circular structure is defined as several of the president’s assistants report directly to him. A circular structure is when the secretaries of the president gather information and report the information back to the president directly. A circular structure allows for the president to have access to an abundant amount of information, but the secretaries of the president gather information and it becomes apparent that the information is confusing and conflicts with each other’s information that the secretaries gathered. An example of circular structure is when the President Jimmy Carter had to deal with the Iran Hostage Crisis, which prompted him to create the West Wing in his pyramid structure of …show more content…
Cabinet: A cabinet is defined as the heads of the fifteen executive branch departments of the federal government. In simpler terms the cabinet serves as the advisors to the president. The cabinet is made up of the leaders of the executive departments of government. Only very few members of the cabinet are directly picked by the president. An example of a cabinet in government is the attorney general, which is an actual title of a cabinet member.

14. Legislative Veto: A legislative veto is defined as the authority of Congress to block a presidential action after it has taken place. The legislative veto allows for the legislature abolishing some actions taken by the president. The Supreme Court has held that Congress does not have this power. The legislative veto ultimately does not even exist in the United States

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