Five Defense Mechanisms

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Defensive Mechanisms

Read the section on defense mechanisms on page 159, Figure 5.4 in the textbook. Describe those defense mechanisms that you recall other people using. Using first names only, describe who and how each person used the defense mechanism. (Describe at least five defense mechanisms.)
Rationalization: One of the most common defense mechanisms is rationalization, the development of a logical but false explanation that protects a person’s self-concept. (p.159)
Example 1:
Nick a family friend tried to rationalize losing his job because of transportation problems, however, the real reason he lost his job was
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Identify those defensive mechanisms you can remember using, and discuss how you used those mechanisms. (Describe at least five defensive mechanisms.)
Example 1:
Rationalization: After getting a low score on a test I rationalized the low grade by saying the teacher does not explain things, however, the issue is that I have test anxiety, I have a hard time doing Math and I did not understand the problems. The correct response would be to admit my anxiety, ask for assistance, and get a tutor and than study more so I understand the Math problems instead of rationalizing an untruth. I do not have Math a test anxiety as bad as before, however, it is an issue I sometimes still deal with because I struggle with Math and always have, however, I just work harder so I do understand it.
Example 2:
Denial: After the loss of my husband to cancer, I did not want to accept the loss and I convinced myself he was still alive because I was in denial. In addition, by denying he died I did not have to deal with the loss even though I was present when he

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