Example Of Conflict Assignment

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The conflict occurred 2 years ago, when I was in grade 11 of my senior high school in Indonesia. My biology teacher gave our class assignment which need to be completed by 2 weeks, she also told us that if a student can submitted before the deadline she will give us additional marks only for first three people. The assignment itself it’s not easy, it required complex analysis and critical thinking in biology. Consistent with my type a personality that is known to be competitive, I am motivated to be the first 3 people to submit this assignment. At the 10 days after the teacher gave the assignment, I successfully finished mine and directly I submitted directly to my teacher.
The conflict start when one of my friends, Andy, saw me when I submitted my assignment and he asked me whether or not he can see and take a photo of my work. By the way, Andy is one of my grade 11 classmate and he has a lot of friends, he is well-known in my school because he play as a guitarist in my school music band. At the same time, he is not really good in class because he is known to be lazy and tend to
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Elaine know myself very well and she know that I won’t do that. Simultaneously, I am very shock and I can’t believe this is Andy’s reaction because he don’t get what he want, how clever is he to spread bad influence about me that change everyone’s perspective at me, how easy my friends trust that rumors. My mind feel so confuse at that time, I am very mad with Andy, and my negative emotion ruin my mind to make a revenge to him. But I talk to myself that if I make a revenge I believe it won’t work because he has lots of friends, so totally I will be

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