Example Of Commonality In Genocide

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“What commonalities are seen in genocide we have studied”? The commonality I have seen in genocide that they all have a common goal, which is to eliminate the race or races that are believed to be inferior. Examples of past genocides are the Holocaust, Rwandan, Cambodian, and Bosnian. However, for genocide to occur eight steps must proceed according to Gregory H. Stanton. Subsequently, genocides do not happen in a day; they take months if not years to prepare for a mass killing to eventually lead to race elimination. One of the biggest contributors to genocide is hatred, undoubtedly, hatred with hostility has been seen in all four videos I have watched In addition to crushing faith and religious beliefs, deaths upon women, children, and men are unjust and also despicably inhumane.

A successful “genocide” requires certain steps to be in place. For instance, Hitler used stanton to learn the whereabouts of the Jews; the Aryan race was the superior to all “others” races. Jews were classified by their religious beliefs, and physical traits like their dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and their box jawed line facial structure. Anyone who
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The Tutsis women, children and men are not save from the Hutu men. If the Hutus saw any Rwandans they would be killed. If the Rwandan men committing the genocide saw a pregnant woman they were supposed, “to disembowel them and make sure the fetus in the womb was dead.” The omission of killing a child before the age of eleven causes long-term problems because when the child grows up, he/she has a vendetta against the men who killed their families. When comparing the Holocaust to the Rwandan genocide similar outcomes were achieved. Many innocent people died. A plethora of people lost their rights based on their physical appearance. For the men who performed the killing, they were given machetes for the

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