Stereotyping In America

Living in America, stereotyping is something that everyone experiences daily. No matter what race or creed, stereotypes plague everybody’s lives. With many stereotypes come negative stigmas, many associate stereotypes with the parts of a culture or race that no one wants to identify with, but are all stereotypes bad? Do they all contain offensive and rude connotations? This is a question that must be left open to interpretation for the simple fact that what some may find offensive, others may not think them to be distasteful at all. People in the United States today face many stereotypes. Hispanics are all thought to be illegal immigrants, Asians are assumed to be extremely smart, and Caucasians are all thought to be snobby, racist, and overly privileged. Many of these groups and races have had to learn to live with the stereotypes …show more content…
I myself and the people around me have all been greatly affected by stereotypes. Southern America has come to a point that stereotyping races and groups is common practice. This is something that cannot go on. People are being forced into boxes based on what they are assumed to be, this is creating an absence of individuality and personal freedom and expression in today 's society. Not only are people becoming dehumanized due to stereotypes, but they are also falling victim to self depreciation and a lower self worth due to the fact that everyone around them has told them that since they are of a certain group or race that they must fall into the specifications set upon them by society. Falling short of something that one is supposed to inherently have can be detrimental to one 's psyche and emotional growth as a person. Stereotyping people is not something that should be thrown around lightly. The only way to put an end to it is to realize that it is not okay to generalize people, and that keeping stereotypes in place will only bring harm to those being

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