Example Of A True Hero

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The True Definition of a Hero

When most people think of the word hero, they tend to think of someone with superpowers. However, true heroes do not wear capes or have super powers. Heroes are ordinary people that do acts of kindness that help others. Heroes do not do acts of kindness for the reward, they help people because they care about other people. Another key trait of heroes are that they have a positive attitude, they never think that they can not do something. Although all heroes do not wear capes, a true hero is selfless and a brave person who does not expect rewards for good deeds. Heroes are selfless and are willing to put their lives in danger for the safety of others. The military is an excellent example of selflessness. They
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Firefighter have to be extremely brave. It would be very scary to an average person to walk into a burning building, but they are trained to go into a burning building to save others trapped inside. They are scared but they are brave enough to walk into a scorching building to save others that could die. In “An Everyday Hero”, Ana a mother of three fighting cancer, was extremely brave because she fights a lethal disease everyday. She knows that the disease could kill her, but she still has a smile on her face. Ana’s son, Adam, states how brave of a person she is,”What surprises me, however, is although I know she is afraid, she fights this lethal disease every moment of everyday, and she does it with a smile”(An Everyday Hero). She fights for her life everyday day and she has the bravery to still put on a smile. She has not let the disease slow her down, she still does many of the activities that she could do before she got cancer. A hero is brave whether they are running into a burning building or fighting a lethal …show more content…
A hero is someone who is not selfish because they are too busy helping others. They always have a positive attitude with everything they do. The police do not expect a reward for catching a robber, that is because they are just doing their job. In “Soldier home after losing his leg in Afghanistan”
By Gale Fiege, Tristan Eugene Segers lost his leg while fighting in Afghanistan. He is humble and does not want attention for his actions in the war. While on the topic of being noticed for being in the army, Segers stated,”Of course the loss of my leg changed me but it doesn’t define me”(Fiege 68). Segers is still confident in his skin even though he lost his leg. He does not want to be recognized as a soldier who lost his leg, he just wants to be known as a veteran. A hero never saves lives or helps others for the reward, they help others because they care about other people in society. Being heroic does not mean you have superpowers or wear a cape, and just because a hero does not wear a cape, that does not make them any less heroic. A hero is an ordinary person who does good deeds to help better society. They do not do acts of kindness for the reward of doing so. They do them because they care about others. Heroes are brave, selfless and has a positive attitude about the challenges that stand in their way. A hero does not wear a cape, they are an ordinary person that displays bravery, and

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