Example Of A Personal Trainer

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A personal trainer, whether a full time or part time trainer. They work diligently to help clients achieve success.Personal trainers can teach cycling, weightlifting, kettlebell work and any other exercise. A personal trainer is a fitness professional who motivates and helps set goals as well as guides clients to their goals. A trainer will measure the client 's strength and goals, improving on both. The trainer will help the client through a strict fitness regimen of resistance, cardio and nutrition. While striving to reach their goals, the trainer must always keep the client’s safety in mind (Galbreath). This is the trainer 's number one priority. Every trainer has their own style or what sets them apart. Once the trainer finds what sets …show more content…
This gives the trainer more clientele options and keeps the career spiced up and interesting. Deciding on work hours will truly tell how successful the trainer may be. Just being a part time trainer obviously won 't be a true success story. Not growing or pushing the business out any more will lead to a failing company. This usually is do to a lack of marketing. If working at a 24 Hour Fitness, there will be no worries, but no business will grow inside of a gym such as that. -Biscontini Next is certification focus. There are literally hundreds of paths to take in the fitness industry. There is an all around personal trainer class that roughly covers all paths, this is a good course to start a career off with. There are some for being a cycling coach, and some for youth and exercise therapy. The options are endless.
Most people work towards multiple types of certifications, this gives the trainer diversity. The trainer can also go through different companies such as NASM and ISSA to get their certification. Going through different companies give the trainer a variety of knowledge. ISSA may tell the trainer to have the clients lift one way, were NASM may say the exact opposite.
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“Under promise and over deliver” - Ryan Houghs. Building a good relationship with clients can make the experience all the better, but if a client doesn’t have what it takes or maybe the trainer didn 't deliver what his or her huge promises were, it can put your career to shame. Word gets around fast that the trainer didn 't deliver his promise. Instead set small goals and ladder up to bigger goals (Career As A Personal Trainer). Creating a bond with clients and meeting small goals will bring more joy and satisfaction to them. Word will get around fast and more clientele will

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