Example Of A Murder Case, De Vos, The Past Is Unpreddicted?

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Question 1:
1.1) De Vos, The Past is Unpredictable; 2011: UCT
1.2) In the example of a murder case, the following sources could be consulted.
• Legislation – this source is authoritative and an example would be the South African Police Service, 1995 . This act could be consulted in the scenario that the murderer was mistreated by the police in the investigation or in the arrest.
• Case law – this source is authoritative. An example would be S v Mogale; 2011 . This case could be consulted as it deals with a murder.
• Common law – this source is authoritative. An example would be Section 293, Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 . This British act could be consulted as it deals with criminal procedure in the UK’s common law.
• Law textbooks
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75 of 1997 (ii) (a) Employment Equity Act (b) No. 55 of 1998 (iii) (a) Skills Development Act (b) No. 97 of 1998

3.2) The details that you must give when referring to legal textbooks are:
• Title
• Author
• Date of Publication (year)
• Place of Publication

(1) R. Midgley, M. Loubser, A. Mukleibir, D. Perumal, L. Niesing; The Laws of Delict in South Africa (2nd ed.); 2012: OUP Southern Africa .
(2) J.M. Burchell; Principles of Delict: 1993: Juta Publishers .
(3) T.J. Scott, D. Visser; Developing Delict (Essays in Honour of Robert Feenstra); 2000: Juta Legal and Academic Publishers .
(4) J.M. Potgieter, L. Steynberg, T.B. Floyd; Law of Damages (3rd ed.); 2012: Juta Legal and Academic Publishers .
(5) A. Govindjee; Law Lifeline: Law of Delict; 2010: LexisNexis South Africa .

Question 4:
Although many years have passed since the abolition of Apartheid, racism still persists in South Africa. Racism is a word with ugly connotations and yet it is thrown around in every day conversation.
Racism is also a word with a broad definition. Stevens (1998: 205) defines racism
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There are three levels of racism. These are; individual, institutional and cultural. Individual racism refers to the personal view of the inferiority of one racial group when compared to another, based on physical differences. Institutional racism refers to the laws, conventions and practices which reflect racial equality. Lastly, cultural racism refers to the view that others have a lesser culture or no culture at all (Connolly ; Massey ; Nieto ; Sedlacek ).
Racism means many different things to many different people. We can all agree, however, that it includes such issues as using racial slurs, assuming the inferiority of someone according to their culture and/or race, and demoralizing or dehumanising those in a different racial or cultural group. Among these is also the issue of unfair treatment in the workplace.
A case that demonstrates the seriousness of workplace racism is that of South African Revenue Service v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others . In this case the gravity of racial slurs is made

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