Example Of A Complete Competency Goal Statement And Answers

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Register to read the introduction… In other words, describe HOW you carry out good practices in your child care setting.
Include at least three examples of how you meet your goal. Example: “To meet my goal, I practice safe handwashing by using liquid soap and paper towels, and making sure to wash my hands after changing diapers, before handling food, and after cleaning or coming in from outside. I teach the children to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds to get most germs off their hands.”
An example of a complete Competency Goal statement is included on the following page.
What Do I Do with My Completed Resource
Your Resource File is one of the things that will be checked by the national CDA
Council representative when you have your Direct Assessment visit. Do not send your Professional Resource File to the national CDA Council. The representative will go through it to be sure it is complete and will then leave
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This is an important goal for the age group children in my care because young children are often not aware of hazards in the environment or of behaviors that could cause injury. One of the ways I do this is by supervising children at all times. I always make sure children are where I can see and hear them, even when they are napping. Another way I do this is by checking the child care environment, both inside and outside, every morning before the children arrive to make sure that outlet plugs are in place, that child-safety latches are hooked, and that there are no broken toys or dangerous objects in the child care space. I also use a weekly safety checklist in my classroom, to be sure I have checked the room completely. Outside, I check to be sure that there are no splinters, rusting equipment, or sharp pieces. I am careful that children not have strings on their clothing that could result in them getting caught or being strangled.
Functional Area 2: Healthy
One of my goals in the functional area of healthy is to prevent the spread of germs in my child care. This is an important goal for the age group children in my care because young children do not have good control over bodily functions and germs can be

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