Essay about Examining The Effectiveness Of Ehr

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Problem Health organization is going through major reform, there is implementation of many new ideas and tools. Technology has always played a significant role, Health Information in particularly that of Electronic Health Records has been a major topic. The concept behind EHR is improving quality and reducing cost. However there are those who doubt the effectiveness EHR.

Purpose The purpose of this research and study is to evaluate the effectiveness of EHR by comparing errors in documentation in a healthcare setting

Does Health Information Technology in particular Electronic Health Records improve quality of the delivery of health care by decreasing errors and duplication of work, documented in patient’s records.

Casual comparative design
Also known as: Static group comparison According to Neutens (2014), this type of study includes two treatments groups in which both are given a post test (p.74). This research attempts to determine consequence that already exist among a group.

In this particular study, a post test (a descriptive analyzation of patient records) be conducted of two clinical organizations of the same department in the same local area one which uses electronic health records and one that does not.

Same organization and same department in two location, in the same region of the sate
For example two Urgent Care clinics ran by NCH in the Southwest Florida region. In this case study one group uses electronic health records while the…

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