Essay about Examining Strategic Management for Chicken Delight Ltd

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Course :
MBA (by Distance Learning)

Module :
Strategic Management

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Examining Strategic Management for Chicken Delight Ltd

Date Of Submission: 23 April 2015
Mr. Narain

Presented by:
Ramdin Devesananda
It is the beginning of a new era that the fast food industry has gradually breakthrough the Mauritius lifestyle. Due to the globalisation process, many fast food franchises are now available in Mauritius.
Whether these fast foods have revolutionised Mauritius, today these products form part of our lifestyle and culture. People rely on their convenience to enhance their lives and productivity.
But in the fast and increasing competitive business
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It will conclude with a SWOT analysis model

The critical objective of Chicken Delight is to achieve competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is an advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate greater sales or margins and retains more customers than its competitors. It is all about profitability, and this can be achieved by either lowering costs (comparative advantage) or differentiate its product/service (differential advantage) or by doing both simultaneously, so that it creates more value and can charge a higher price (Hill Jones, 2008, p104).
There are 4 competitive advantages: 1. Efficiency 2. Quality 3. Innovation 4. Customer responsiveness

All these factors are key success to competitive advantage. Focusing on efficiency allows Chicken Delight to keeps close control of costs, and dealing with the quality, customer responsiveness and innovation allows the company to maintain its customer loyalty and charge premium prices, thereby gaining competitive advantage.
2.1 Chicken Delight internal and external analysis
Chicken Delight to generate future alternative strategies and decide which strategic alternative to pursue to regain competitive advantage and improve profitability, it is vital to assess Chicken Delight's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Strengths and weaknesses are internal to a company. They determine strategic capabilities of an organization, which rely on

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