Examining Dimensions Of Adolescence : The Studies Show The History And Timelines That Causes Adolescents Some Form Of Depression

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Isheia Williams
PSY217 W80

Examining dimensions of adolescence

The different studies show the history and timelines that causes adolescents some form of depression. Studies also examine the risk parents take by not getting involved at the first sign of trouble. Using Important functions involving suicide, alcohol, and drug abuse with possible reduction in certain drugs per cognitive resources, the researchers look at work from Loth, K., Hannan, P. J., Eisenberg, M. E., A. K., Harold, G., & Rice, F. Today in society, depression is a major cause of teen suicide. While reaching recent studies, each year, thousands of teens become successful in taking their lives. Although it seems this issue has been put on the back burner for several years, in early 1960’s it was finally acknowledged as a clinical illness. Per an article written in Kids Health “Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for adolescent ages 15-24”. The suicide risk is higher for a teen that lives in a home with any firearms or if their parents are prescribed prescription medication.
Just recently I had my third encounter with depression from very close friends that was very unexpected. I had a personal trainer that dated my younger sister several years back in high school. He was engaged to be married, then one day things changed, she decided to call the wedding off and that’s when things turned bad. On October 8th ,2016 his fiancé told him to come…

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