Examining Digital Literacy Practices On Social Network Sites Essay

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Buck, A. (2012). Examining Digital Literacy Practices on Social Network Sites. Research in the Teaching of English,47(1), 9-38.
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Buck1s article” Examing Digital Literacy Practices on Social Netwrork Sites” focuses on lieracy practices that are illustrated on one students who thinks himself a media expert and uses it to socialize in life and academia. As Buck portrays Ronnie with media frame as manipulative and character changing in several social context to the degree of falsifying personal informationin fear of the leak of privacy issues. This leads him to be sensitive towards the way he controls his sensitive information. I am not a social media person, no are my children. Personally, I feel that social media should be controlled to protect peope`s identities and privacies as it can be dangerous na dlead to crime. Recetky, ISIS was able to access US Army ersonnel information through social media and they shed their blood in a lsit of” Wanted Military Americans”/ This raises questions about the viability and safety of certain social media sites who have member, who may have unfavorable political and social opinions. Though social media, identity and…

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