Examine and Assess the Advantages of Three Different Methods Used in Psychological Research

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Examine and assess the advantages of three different methods used in psychological research

Psychological research has many advantages within society, helping us to better understand many different aspects of the world around us; this essay will be looking at three different research methods to ascertain the advantages of using methods within psychology. First of all we will identify which methods we are going to examine then we will assess the advantages of using these methods through the eyes of the relevant psychologist against their individual studies but first let’s distinguish what is meant by the term research method. Methods are used within a psychological study to help determine the hypotheses of the psychologist, or can be
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Although using the method of interviews allowed for a much ‘richer data’ to be collected, to better understand the authoritarian personality Adorno decided they needed a more in depth individual approach.(McAvoy 2010)

So let’s take a look at interviews from a psychological perspective; what is an interview well it’s a form of a conversation devised to gain in-depth information from someone. They can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured, thus allowing the interviewer to adapt the questions according to the answers. Whereas Adorno used interviews to help him in his studies of an authoritarian personality we are going to move on and have a look at the method of interviews and the study of friendship. One such study of this nature was undertaken by Damon in 1977. However to interview a child you would have to take into consideration the possibility of a language barrier, so it may be better to use older children. Yet the benefits to the method of interviewing a child are considerable, although its standard practise to use the same set of questions it allows the researcher to follow any appealing remarks made by the child.

Although Damons method was interviews his study held similar views to that of Bigelow and La Gaipa however their method of study was to use the forms of essays then to transform the results into a numerical result, whereas Damon focused more on the individual understanding of what friendship actually

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