Examination On Police Brutality : America 's Legacy Of Freedom And Independence

1414 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
Examination on Police Brutality America’s legacy of freedom and independence has come to define our nation and be a great source of pride. However, after myriad cases of police brutality appearing across various media outlets, many are beginning to doubt the extent of our equality and if it applies to all citizens. This is particularly highlighted in the video footage that has surfaced, exposing the use of excessive force by police officers on civilians, causing many to question the legality of their actions. Rising tensions over lost loved ones and demeaning treatment have sparked protests and riots across the nation. There is, however, rising opposition to those claiming police mistreatment leading the nation to become divided over the matter. For those who claim excessive force and cases of racial profiling, there are others who believe police officers are just and that instance of racism are isolated events. Although there are many sides to this intensifying dispute it can be broken into two general views: those who believe law enforcement’s use of force can be deemed excessive and in many cases racially motivated; and those who feel their amount of action is reasonable, just, and in cases that are deemed racist are isolated incidents. However I will be taking a deeper look into the situation through the utilization of conflict analysis skills and furthering my understanding of the dilemma. The fault line and players, stake holders, of this conflict,…

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