Examination Of The Examination System Essay

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The examination system can be traced back thousands of years ago in China, where it started in the year 206 BC. Considering that education was very vital by then, people were selected to become leaders based on merit by using exams. This was in a bid to eliminate the unfair selection that was mainly based on the connections that one had to a very well-known family either by wealth or even political affiliations (Kaplan). A person would be raised to a particular social status depending on how he or she would have passed a given exam. This kind of system was adopted by many other nations later on, and it is mostly used in schools for testing students and the best are selected to do the most prestigious jobs available in the market. While it may be considered that they are vital in the sense that they are healthy for a student, it also true that in some cases they are stressful and so demanding such that students end up messing doing anything that may be unethical for as long as they pass.
Exams may not be that beneficial to students in various ways. First, they may not give true feedback to teachers regarding how a student may be performing in class. This is because a student may simply cram a given topic for the sole reason of doing an exam and passing. The pressures associated with exams have presently made students approach them by cramming, and this may give a false picture to the teacher with regards to them understanding a given topic. The teacher may therefore think…

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