Examination Of Material Remains Inside A Large Plastic Bag Essay

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The following archaeological analysis, describes the examination of material remains inside a large plastic bag. The plastic bag was discovered in the old downtown district of Seattle, Washington on April 16, 2116. The remains were located in an old abandoned apartment building complex 30 feet underneath the ground in the old downtown district of the city. Several construction workers discovered the plastic bag while working on a renovation project for their construction company. The company hired a group of independent archaeologists to examine the plastic bag and all the material remains inside. Procedure states that anything artifacts discovered in the city must be moved to the local university inside an airtight chamber until a archaeologist examines the remains. I arrived at the local university along with several independent archaeologists who are assisting me with the archaeological analysis. Procedure states that once arrived at the chamber anyone who is associated with the examination must wear specialized suits to keep any form of contamination of any outside substances inside the chamber. Once we entered the chamber, we noticed that the university staff placed the plastic bag on top of a table along with the archaeological equipment set up by the university. As soon as we set up our data logs and our own archaeological equipment in different areas of the chamber, the group agreed to start the archaeological analysis of the material remains. As a group of…

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