Examination Malpractice Essay

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The quest for exploration into “the effect of examination malpractice among the sociology student of University of Abuja” is borne out of the concern for the need for improvement/provision of enabling a good conducive environment that is conducive for the writing of examination and to avoid malpractice.
In any given society, there are rule guiding the behavior of individuals as well as rights which give the people the freedom to express them. So also is an education environment, where student come to learn both in character and in learning and where they interact with other student lectures.
The education system is the instrument a society uses to equip its entire people to lead
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There is an astronomical increase in the number of people and institutions involved in this social malaise. As a result of frequent cases of examination malpractice, the society is losing confidence in the certificates awarded by some institutions and examination bodies (Eba & Emaikwu, 2007; Ogum, 2007). Cheating in examination has become so ‘internalized and legitimized’ that some people now regard it as a normal process of passing examination in Nigeria.
The calamity of examination malpractice is not just the havoc it wrecks in our educational system but the gradual introduction of youths into the practice of fraud. Owing to malpractices in universities, examination results tend to give a false picture of the state of affairs; hence a good number of school graduates cannot defend the grades obtained in examinations (Ada, 2004). A crisis situation is bound to develop in the educational sector, if the trend is not prevented. Malpractices in examinations have become so widespread that many people doubt the quality of graduates from the Nigerian educational system. It has led to the questioning of the validity and reliability of the examinations as well as the authenticity of the results and certificates obtained. The use of unfair means in examination has assumed a plague some proportion. Barring a few institutions, elsewhere in the country, the educational establishments are experiencing an ever increasing trend towards the

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