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Biol 385: Biotech. and Gen. Eng. Name ___________________________
Exam #2 - 100pts 06 April 2012 G # _____________________
If necessary, use the back of the exam pages for the rest of your answers. Do not use other sheets of paper. Please write legibly; if I cannot read your answer, I will count it wrong. * BY TAKING THIS EXAM, YOU HAVE AGREED TO ABIDE BY THE SPIRIT AND THE LETTER OF THE HONOR CODE OF GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY. INITIAL HERE
1. (6pts) Expression of eukaryotic proteins in prokaryotic cells occasionally results in instability or
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The mutant sequence results in the loss of a Hpa I restriction site. The diagnostic kit amplifies a 418 bp fragment which is then digested with Hpa I and the fragments separated and sized.

What are the patterns of DNA fragments that will be detected in individuals who are:

a) homozygous for normal p53 = 166, 140, and 112 bp

b) homozygous for mutant p53 = 252 and 166 bp

c) heterozygous for p53 = 252, 166 (2x), 140, and 112 bp

9. (6pts) For the different types of MAbs listed in the table below, mark the antibody segment that is derived from a mouse gene segment with a (M) and the segment that is derived from human gene segment with an (H)

Region | “Humanized” MAb | “Chimeric” MAb | “Fully-Human” MAb | “Normal” MAb | Fv | H | M | H | M | Fc | H | H | H | M | CDRs | M | M | H | M |

10. (4pts) For another part of your presentation to the BioBuck$, Inc. President and Board of Directors, you must present information about protein production from cultured mammalian cells. You need to present information on how you transfect cells and then select the transfected cells.
Fill in the blanks in the following table regarding eukaryotic selectable marker systems:

Selection Agent | Selection Agent Action | Marker Gene | MSXMethionine sulfoximine | Inhibits glutamine synthesis | Glutamine Synthetase | MTXmethotrexate | Inhibits purine/dTTP synthesis | DHFR – dihydrofolate reductase | G418Geneticin | Inhibits

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