Exam 1 Essay

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1. Each of the following is a major category of abilities EXCEPT: - B) Creativity 2. In Deci's theory of intrinsic motivation, the enjoyment gained from task-challenge decreases when: - b) External rewards for success are provided 3. A mechanistic organization exhibits: - d) all of the above 4. Goals most likely to be obtained are: - D) All of the above 5. Many researchers have criticized Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory because there is no clear evidence that: -d) all of the above 6. "Feedback," in goal-setting …show more content…
Eliminating any reinforcement that is maintaining an unwanted behavior is called: -a) extinction 36. A process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment is called: c) Perception 37. Internally caused behaviors are: -a) those that are believed to be under the personal control of the individual 38. An example of an extrinsic reward is: -d) an executive restroom key 39. Behavior which is observed as being different from the behavior which is usually demonstrated refers to: -c) distinctiveness 40. The more consistent a behavior, the more the observer is inclined to: -b) attribute to internal causes 41. The hygiene factors make up the continuum that ranges from: -a) No dissatisfaction to satisfaction 42. Which one of the following would Herzberg classify as a hygiene factor? -c) Company Policy 43. Which of the following is a criticism of the motivator-hygiene theory? -d) all of the above 44. Which theory substitutes three core needs for Maslow’s five

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