The Over Exaggeration Of Violence In Video Games

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The over exaggeration of violence in games
The over exaggeration of violence in video games by people has always been an issue in many forms for people across the many forms of media. The video game industry, new compared to other forms of media such as books or newspaper, has rapidly evolved into a media giant that, in a short span of time, has created very stylized forms of gameplay that often use violence. The main topics the public needs to understand with games and violence are that: the regulations are in place and are used by most people, animated violence does not adversely affect the mind the way some people fear it does, and not every video game is violence based.
When people complain of video game violence and kids playing those
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That leads to people believing when a shooting happens somewhere it loops around to video games being the cause of it. That leads people to believe that video games cause the violence and they do not stop and think to study other possible points and causes. The arguments for mind change break down into such quotes as, “EEG [electroencephalography] apparatus connected to the players ' skulls that in a certain part of the CNS (the locus-coeruleus norepinephrine system to be exact), activity becomes suppressed when these youths are playing violent games but not while playing nonviolent ones. This system of the brain is also implicated in eliciting empathy in humans. So with this portion of the brain 's activity suppressed, the violent, video-game-playing human is shown to be less likely, per the same study, to feel empathy for any who suffer, including his own victims. In a word, he has become desensitized to the pain of others.” (Violent Video Games Can Desensitize Players and Increase Aggression) or in more plain words, “Players of violent games have better top-down control of their emotions. Put more plainly: They lack empathy” (Violent Video Games Promote Antisocial Behaviors). Those studies show the darker side of gaming, but that is simply one point of many because research has shown that there are traits in the brain that will turn off in other circumstances like abuse in childhood. …show more content…
So of course we have violent games."(Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence). The game variety in the world is extraordinary for how young in comparison the industry is to movies or books and that reflects in what is made and what is played. Gaming will always have its issues according to certain people because of the amount of violence in some games, but they are controlled if people look, they affect the mind differently than people think, and there are more games out there are not as violent or have zero violence if they take the time to look hard

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