Evolving Models Of Care Delivery Essay

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Evolving Models of Care Delivery

Acording to 2010 patient protection and Affordable Care Act, it was obvios that it needed all the possible help from all health profectional especially nurses for it to function and achieve all its aims such as affordable coverage and quality care, make all Americans to have health care that would improve the quality of life and inexpensive. There is no doubt if registered nurses do not have a strong position as the partners in Affordable health care to make it a success. Three colleagues were were interviewed about their knowledge in the changes of health care delivery and the new nurses role in the hospital settings, communitiees, clinics, and medical homes. Their questions were also expandede to their knowledge on Accountable Care organizations, the way that they are organized and the nurses opportunities in this program. What they know about medical homes and how they are organized including nurses opportunities and what they know about Nurse-managed Health Clinics (NMHCs and the nurses benefits.

Their awareness, nurses role in the hospital settings, communitiees, clinics, and medicala homes. These essentials of nursing practice include patient-centered or “holistic” care, including family and community; care continuity; coordination and integration across settings and providers; chronic disease management; patient education; prevention and wellness care; and information management. The advance practice registered nurse…

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