Essay about Evolving From The Prenatal Period Up Into Infancy

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Evolving from the prenatal period up into infancy many things are underway. Entering the new period of life you begin to develop not only biologically but as well as cognitively and socioemotionally. Within each dimension there are other components that effect how a human grows. The external influences we have throughout life effects the pattern of development and how a human grows. Development is the pattern of movement or change that starts at conception and continues through the human pathway and outcomes.
Development consist of biological, cognitive, and socioemotional making it multidimensional with the dimensions being intertwined. Cognitive dimension includes components such as attention, memory, abstract thinking, speed of processing information and social intelligence. At every age, every dimension is septic to change. Changes in one dimension is going to have an effect on another and so forth. Development is also multidirectional. Factors of the dimensions can expand or well others can shrink. Over a period of time you could be learning one thing and come accustom to it without giving recognition to the other factors. One of the biggest examples would be language. Giving said say English is the primary language that a person speaks they will come prone to that forgetting how to speak supplementary dialects. “All development occurs within context, or setting. Contexts include families, schools, peers groups, churches, cities, neighborhoods, university…

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