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List 8:
1. Evolutionary Psychology (p.43): This is a branch of psychology that focuses on how the behavior of people has evolved over time. It specifically focuses on the importance of natural selection or “survival of the fittest”. Our bodies have adapted over time in order to help us do certain behaviors that allow us to survive and reproduce. I found this concept interesting when it mentioned the physical characteristics of both genders today are related to the behaviors that our ancestors needed to perform to survive in the past.
2. Dominant-Recessive Genes (p.50): These kinds of genes allow for two sets of a specific gene in our DNA, but the gene that is expressed and showed in physical characteristics is the “dominant” one. You can have combinations of dominant and recessive genes, such as two dominant genes, or one recessive and one dominant, or two recessives. In that case, only the DNA with two recessives would actually express that recessive gene. I find dominant-recessive genes interesting because a certain genetic characteristic can remain undetected for generations only to pop up in a later generation.
3. Genetic Imprinting (p.50): This concept only occurs in a few genes within our genome. It is when a gene has a differing effect depending on which parent we received it from. For example, one gene would come from your mother and would be the gene expressed, the gene from your father is then considered “silenced”. This may have influences in male pattern…

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