Essay on Evolutionary Psychology : A New Perspective

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Bereczkei, T. (2000). Evolutionary psychology: A new perspective in the behavioral sciences. European Psychologist, 5(3), 175-190.
As technology and the world evolve, researchers derive new methods for mental illness, by channeling human behavior. Evolutionary psychology presents a new, integrated approach to human behavior, by explaining how the mental programs, designed by evolutionary selection, guide our social behavior(Bereczkei,2000). According to mental programs, behavioral perspective serves as a guideline to explain the process of mental evaluation, by creating new broader views for treatment. Evolutionary psychologists can develop testable explanations that focus on aspects and mechanisms of behavior that cannot readily be explained with current psychological theories(Bereczkei,2000). Meanwhile normal became not normal as before; so, loop-holes were created for unanswered behaviors. Generally, these mechanisms are invented to explain the not normal, intangible, and unanswerable. Charles Darwin came up with theory of evolution, and tries to understand the basic fundamental construction of human behavior. In depth, [t]he messages of Darwinism to psychology is that the analysis of the evolution of mental capacities and the explanation of the adaptive mechanisms of behavior are crucial contributions to forming an integrated view of ourselves(Bereczkei,2000). o This article was written to explain how the world evolve, and now introduces new streams to diagnosis and…

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