Informative Essay: The Evolution And Creation Debate

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Basil Lucas
Dr. Sean Larsen
Religion 1005
24 March 2015
Evolution is one of society’s most known debates today and largest mystery. With the two main questions: what made us? how did we get here? The debate is about evolution vs. creation, which is whether we as humans evolved from apes or we were created by God. However, some Christians believe in evolution. They are called evolutionary creationists. In this paper I will show what I have learned reading the articles I was given and also defend evolutionary creationists.
The most important belief by Christians is that God created the universe. God created everything including time. St. Augustine says, “ that if God is really the Creator of the whole universe, then God is the Creator
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They “reject the black-and-white categorization of origins and move beyond the so-called ‘evolution vs. creation debate’ ” (Lamoureux 1). The evolution and creation debate has divided many people in believing in the Lord or not. Evolutionary creation does not approach this debate simply; in which they make connections of the two. They believe God created the universe, but evolution was part of a plan. Conservative Christians take the Bible literally in believing that the universe was created in six days. Evolutionary creationists do not take everything in a modern …show more content…
From the Garden of Eden to the Covenants God made. In the Garden of Eden, He makes the garden for Adam and from there He creates Eve. God told them to not eat the sacred fruit, they do and He casts them out. Later in Genesis it repeats again, with the Covenant God made with Noah. The Lord promised Noah land to him and his family, as long as he built the ark. Each Covenant had a plan, but each person did not know this, yet trusted the Lord. God promised Moses that he will make his descendants into a great nation and give them land if Moses follows Him. When Moses followed God He kept the promises. In David’s Covenant, God tells him that Jesus will come from his line and will rule forever.
Evolutionary creationists do not take the beginning of the Bible literary. “Evolutionary creation recognizes that the opening chapters of Genesis feature two basic components: the Message of Faith (inerrant divine theology), and an incidental vessel which contains the divine revelation (ancient science/ancient poetry)”(Lamoureux 5). The Bible was written in the language and style of its time. Such as, books that are written in today’s

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