Evolutionary Creation : Beyond The Evolution Vs. Creation Debate

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In the article, Evolutionary Creation: Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate, the author, Denis Lamoureux, explains the term “evolutionary creation”. This term is used to describe a collection of Christians who embrace both ideas of creation and evolution. Traditionally, creation is used by faithful Christians to describe the origins of the universe and reject the notion by scientists that the universe and life are products of evolution. The views of evolutionary creationists are sometimes called “theistic evolution” (Lamoureux, 14). This view embraces the notion that God used the process of evolution to create life on Earth. This term contradicts what evolutionary creationists believe because it states that God is inferior to the process of evolution and this is not what they believe. Howard Van Till, a lead evolutionary creationist, states that God implanted the process of evolution so it can develop with little to no divine involvement. Evolutionary creationists compare the process of evolution to the process of growth in a mother’s womb. The following are four concepts of this comparison: when the fertilized egg is implanted, it already contains instructions for design and so does the universe. Secondly, both individual and evolution occurs at a favorable time, convenient to the Creator. Thirdly, both human development and evolution of the world are parallel in size, the former being a little replica of the latter. Lastly, both events cannot be explained by any man…

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