Evolution of Personnel Towards Hrm Essay example

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Part (a) HRM Assignment 1

Throughout the history of the evolution of personnel towards HRM there have been many landmarks which fall into a number of categories. For example, I will discuss the following headings; the welfare tradition, scientific management, the multinational influence, HRM education and U.S perspective in the 1980’s. I will discuss in each of the headings and the ways in which they have influenced HRM throughout the years.
Welfare tradition – the welfare tradition was developed in Britain in a few large companies during the late 19th century and early 20th century. In the early stages of industrialisation working conditions were poor and workers only received bare minimum benefits associated with employment for
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This lets us know that the behaviour and performance of employees was influenced by motivation and needs as well as working conditions. The human relations schools are something of which come under great industrial criticism, however, it has in fact had some important influence on management practice, in particular personnel management.
The Multinational Influence and HRM Education – “Increasing emphasis on the professional education of personnel practitioners since the 1970’s and the impact of multinational corporations in contributing to increased knowledge of personnel techniques and greater sophistication in the execution of the personnel role” (Personnel and Human Resource Management). Ireland is allotted with multi-national companies (MNC’s) over a thousand firms from abroad are employing over 100,000 people as a result of direct foreign investment i industries in the Republic of Ireland . MNCs have been first in creating more absolute policies and procedures in management giving better advancement to the role of the specialist personnel function (Personnel and Human Resource Management). The diffusion of new personnel techniques is an important aspect of MNC investment. In the 1970’s Dublin, Limerick and Galway colleges/universities offered the first courses resulting in membership of the Institute of Personnel Management. Ever since the most universities and colleges of higher education

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