Evolution of American Policing Essay

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The evolution of American Policing is perhaps one of the most interesting topics to study pertaining to our American government. The police system that we currently use today has evolved tremendously since it first was established in 1626 while the United States was still under British control. However, some forms of American policing began a few years before 1626. When the colonists first became settled down in America, they realized they needed to keep order through out their towns. That is when the colonists formed the very first Justice Of Peace. It was fairly similar to the Bristish government that was in place during the time period because most of the new American inhabitants came from Great Britain or had British roots. The Justice …show more content…
(Present day New York City.) The two main positions were called Schouts which is another name for a sheriff, and Fiscalls which was another name for an attorney. The first Schout on American territory was named Johann Jampon. Boston formed a night watch to detect fires and other types of crimes about a decade later in 1635. By 1700, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia all established night watches. Around 1701, Philadelphia began to realize that in order to keep the towns running smoothly and orderly, it would be better to split up the city into regions. They came up with the idea to split up the city into separate patrol areas. By 1705, Philadelphia was divided into 10 different patrol areas. This made it easier to govern each city. There was very little development for the rest of 18th century due to the fact that the colonists were more focused on handling their situation with the British. Once the colonists gained their independence from Great Britain, they started to focus more and more on establishing a stable economic system. The law enforcement was almost put on the back burner because they were focusing on establishing themselves with the other world powers. Once America hit the industrial revolution and the population grew extensively, it increased the demand for police officers. During the 1840s, more riots began to occur. This would be the start of one of the three main eras of American policing known as the

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