Essay on Evolution Vs Religion : Religion And Science

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Evolution vs Religion
For hundreds of years, religion and science have not gotten along well. Each, having their own view, they try to convince or say that the others view is wrong and that should not be taught. Hundreds of years ago, famous scientists have been tried by the church due to their beliefs, only because they do not agree with the church and go against the bible. Now, science is something that many believe in because there is prof of where the scientists ideas come from but even so, religious conservatives argue the facts. Evolution is a big reoccurring conflict in both science and religion dating back to the 1800’s when Charles Darwin published his book, The Origin of Species and even earlier. A famous conflict was between Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the Roman Catholic Church. In this conflict, science and religion argued over where the center of the universe was. During the time the Roman Catholic Church, and some scientist that also believed that the center of the universe was Earth, while the church taught from a geocentric system and those scientists taught through the Tychonic system. The main differences were where the rest of the solar system where found in regardes to the Earth being in the center. The church’s idea was that everything revolved around the Earth, while the scientists’ idea was that only the sun, the stars and the moon revolved around the Earth, and the rest of the planets would revolve around the sun. While those systems were…

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