Evolution vs Creation Essay

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ISU Controversial Issues in World Religions Evolution vs. Creation

In society, there are many diverse issues that raise intense controversy. One that is particularly interesting is the ongoing conflict between the world of science and some segments of religious society. This essay will refer to the debate between evolution and creationism which has ranged through the course of human history, but intensified as the science and evolving proofs of evolution are generated. Evolution has proved that Creationist beliefs and their denial defy logic, science and reality.
One of the most common questions that humanity tends to ask itself is where we came from and how we came to be. It is inherent to every human
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While on the other hand, Creation science attempts to argue that an intelligent designer created the universe and all other living things in the past six thousand years. Creationists attempt to disregard Darwin’s scientific evidence based on the fact that evolution appears to have gaps.
Scientifically speaking, there is no evidence and proven science to indicate the existence of an intelligent designer. The Creationist interpretation of the Bible for example claims that an omnipotent god created the Universe and all living things roughly six thousand years ago. A major hole in this claim is the fact that the Earth is roughly four and a half billion years old, somewhat far from the Creationists prediction. As well as the fact that if all living things were created at the exact same time then archaeologists should be finding six thousand year old fossils of Dinosaurs alongside six thousand year old fossils of humanity. Therefore, biblical creation has never happened and never will as species and living things have been evolving for the last 3.4 billion years, starting from basic bacteria to the advanced species of humanity. On the issue of creation science and evolution, Isaac Asimov stated “The fundamentalists deny that evolution has taken place; they deny that the earth and the universe as a whole are more than a few thousand years old, and so on. There is ample scientific evidence that the

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