Evolution Of The Scopes Trial Essay

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The Scopes Trial occurred in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925. Although, despite the common idea that the trial was a true incident of unlawfulness, there lies within a controversy that resonates the idea that this trial contained no true legal value, it simply allowed for more tourist dollars and publicity in the small town of Dayton (Singham 23). In all actuality it is exceedingly unclear whether John Thomas Scopes truly taught evolution during his substitute teaching career (26-27). In support of this controversy, proof exists that instead of continuing to jail after his arrest, Scopes spent his time playing tennis and swimming (26). During his time about the town, Scopes was spotted associating civilly with a member of the prosecution team that supposedly planned his defeat in court (26). The leader of the the prosecution team, William Jennings Bryan, also offered to pay any fine imposed upon Scopes after the trial (27). Occurs such as these impose the credibility of the latter controversy. Though, the geographic location and slow-spreading idea of a secularized America immensely affected the trial.

The Scopes Trial was based from a controversy between modernists and fundamentalists. Ben Sonder, an acclaimed author, states in his book “Evolution and Creationism” that modernists believed in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and fundamentalists believed in the traditional creationist theory (21). The evolution theory presented by Charles Darwin is based upon the proposal that…

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