Essay Evolution Of The Presidency : Today 's Presidency

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Samantha Jo Paramino
Mr. Wells
American Government
10 December 2016

Evolution of the Presidency Today’s Presidency is drastically different than when President George Washington was first elected at the end of 1700s. Over the past two hundred and twenty eight years we have had many Presidents in office. Some have been highly praised, some have had to overcome adversity, and some have been corrupt. Do to our changing times the Presidency has had to change and adapt to the ever altering world. In response to these changes and demands our highest office of government has evolved. The President has gained more power and expanded to greater depths over the years. The first three Presidents Washington, Adams and Jefferson helped shape and form the foundation of today’s Presidency ( Not until the 1930s, the branch with the most power was Congress ( The balance of power has wavered in the 21st Century remarkably ( Today all three branches Legislative, Judicial and the Executive all have equal power so one doesn’t have too much power and try to over through the others ( Article II of the Constitution states the requirements and the assets that come with being the President ( To be the President you have to be at least 35 years old lived in the United States of America for at least 14 years prior to becoming President, and also be a natural born citizen ( The President also gets paid…

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