Evolution Of The Other By Abraham Lincoln And Mark Twain Essay

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Evolution of the “Other”
Americans have been oblivious to the value system that they use to define human beings of any race. The value system has defined the social position or class of specific races. The main race that was imprisoned by this system was the African. Not considered African American due to the fact that they weren’t considered citizens the African race or Slaves held a subservient role in society since the importation of slaves in 1619 all the way through the civil war until the Emancipation Proclamation was announced by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. Slaves were devoted to farming and working for white people, mostly on plantations. Throughout history the race had progressed and slaves had built up their desire for freedom and representation. Abolitionist such as Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain assisted the African American race to seek freedom and representation. The American Studies theme, The “Other”, is referred to as a minority group of outcast who were looked down upon or treated differently by a society. The “Other” can be a group such as Native Americans, women or slaves during the first four time periods in American history. Slavery has regressed from the beginning of rationalism through the Civil War. Slavery quickly grew popular and then slowly died out. From the Rational epoch through the end of the civil war, the status of slaves evolved through examples of art, history, and literature.
As America was being colonized, Americans had the intention to…

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