Evolution Of Solar Technology

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In evolutionary terms, advancements in technology are the utmost fundamental events to have occurred in human history. Rapid growths in technology are extremely beneficial to our species. These growths include, however, not limited to: the invention of fire, invention of electricity, invention of cars and planes, and the invention of inter-networking (The Internet). The intention of the simplifying of life lead dramatically reduced the stress on human life. It enhanced life. The invention of fire opened up gateways to cooking, lighting and creation. The invention of electricity introduced the invention of the light bulb and batteries. The invention of cars and planes made traveling easier. Finally, the invention of the internet made retrieving …show more content…
Efficient meaning how can an individual go from point A to point B with as minimal obstacles as possible. Battery technology contributes to making human life as efficient and economically friendly as possible. Efficient batteries are a future technology; thus, it can be considered as an emerging technology. Current batteries are capable of charging and discharging. The pace at which they charge as opposed to discharge is extremely inefficient. Meaning that charging aforementioned batteries would use harmful technology polluting the earth. Consequently, contributing to global warming. Correspondingly, current solar technology isn’t efficient enough to store available light from the sun. According to the science journal ScienceAlert the worlds most efficient solar panel is “Able to convert 22.5 percent of sunlight into electrical energy” (Macdonald, 2015). This isn’t a lot given that the spectrum would allow for an additional 77.5% of light. Hence, improving the efficiency and performance of current battery technology is so drastic. Batteries and solar panels usually work in tandem to allow for power discharge through both the day and night. The most significant of the two are batteries. Batteries are lagging behind current technology. With the estimated improvement and progression rates of 3.5% to 7% increase every two years, it is easy to corroborate the reasoning. With all the information provided in this essay there is an obvious necessity for change. Therefore, my ultimate goal in life is to help provide a sustainable and efficiently viable option for batteries and solar panels. Having understood the importance and significance of improving modern day batteries, we can now evaluate why I personally want to be an entrepreneur in the field. Irrefutably, ask a person (he/she) what their ideal lifestyle/career is they will not say “I want

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