Evolution Of Religion 's Purpose Politically Essay

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Taylor Lauer 11/23/14 Evolution of Religion’s Purpose Politically
Religion was a strong source of stability in the world historically. First with the God-Kings of the ancient world, Gilgamesh up to and including the Roman Cult, religion was used to gain unquestioning loyalty from the believers. This changed a little from god-incarnate to we humans have received God’s grace and glory, so you should listen to us. Kings were now human, and merely ruled through the grace of God. Kings were the major ruling power, but the church was a separate entity from them from then on. As time passed the church became a power to rival and contest the rulings of kings, more specifically the Papacy itself became a king like entity where all of Christendom was subject to its rulings. This lead to a more united Europe, in that as Catholics they could all hate the Jews together, and the Islamic religion was ripe for invasion. Religion as a uniting factor to stop the internal warfare of Europe, and help look beyond the borders. Finally however religion, which had been a singularly catholic entity, broke into factions of old and new. Protestantism became a thing, and became more and more things like Calvinist and Puritans, as time went on and people took the idea and turned it to suit their own needs and ideal forms, as they found others that thought in a similar manner. The most obvious example of this being the evolution of protestant religion in England. The evolution of religion can be…

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