Evolution Of Penguin 's Cover History Essay

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In this chapter, I will be exploring the history of Penguin and their book covers/jackets, looking at the layouts and developments of design as the years progressed. Subsequently, I will be primarily looking towards Phil Banes’ Penguin by Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005, as, while it is not a comprehensive catalogue of the entirety of Penguin’s cover history, it contains the main pathways, showing the development of the brand along with their changes in design and the new series’ and prints that they brought to life. This book is not only influenced by Baines however, but also by David Pearson (designer for Penguin), who helped to curate the cover designs from the Penguin archives, and also informed by past employees and designers of the company (Baines, p. 8).
First published in 1935, Penguin books were the first mass-produced paper-backs in Britain (Baines, 2005, p. 6), and are still one of the most famous and prominent publishers in the UK today, with Penguin Random House distributing worldwide. Managing Director Allen Lane, with his brothers John and Richard (also directors), wanted to publish good-looking, cheap paperback reprints of fiction and non-fiction books, which he was inspired to do by the lack of cheap reading that he experienced during his commutes by train (Baines, p. 12). This idea would allow more literature to be available to the masses, while being priced in such a way that most people from different class divides would be able to afford to buy them,…

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