Evolution Of Mr. Darcy In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Evolution of Mr. Darcy

Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen, manifest the problem of first perception vs. reality of character. We have trouble getting past what we see on the outside than what we get on the inside. In other words, we make our first impression our only impression. We always judge others on how they dress, on wealth, how others speak, and attitude toward others. Throughout the 1800s, perception is the enemy that people fall victim too. Darcy is a prime example of how perception can affect someone life. Darcy is the victim, but he’s also used perception toward others. The first perception isn’t always clear but the illusion takes place instead of letting reality come into play. Darcy in the novel will learn and grow
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Darcy has a personality that is anti-social and awkward which most people perceive as coy. ““Darcy is haughty”, but his responsibilities and position as a great man entitle him to be so” (Overmann 224). When entitled with such a whimsical estate we found a reason why he has so much pride and power about himself. People encourage his pride and now he thinks no one can ever be like him. “Darcy must “learn” to overcome his cautious reserve and appreciate the energy of other individuals…” (Kramp 193). Darcy has to learn and develop into a more of social character. Darcy goes to a party, in the beginning of the novel, and saw men and women socializing. He starts talking to Mr.Bingley, a handsome fellow with wealth. Mr.Bingley asks if he would he like to dance. He replies with a no and his reasoning was because of the laughter in the room. “Laughter to Darcy is lack of respect” (Casal 3). Darcy believes that laughter is above him and doesn’t show the professional way anyone should carry him or herself into a party. An example of this occurs when Darcy, Elizabeth and Bingley are in the library and Elizabeth makes a joke about Darcy and his estate in Permeberly. Darcy reacts to this joke made him dislike it because he thought Elizabeth was only after his money. After discovering she was joking, Darcy disagrees with Elizabeth joke and thinks it’s absurd to laugh in the formal manner. Elizabeth says it’s okay to laugh every once in a while and that’s when Darcy may consider to laugh. The only real reason why Mr. Darcy believes laughter is useless because no one has ever made him laugh or understood his

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