Evolution Of Modern Telecommunications Technology Essay

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Evolution of Modern Telecommunications
Technology has evolved to become a beneficial device in modern society, impacting humanity so notably that it has become an essential resource for everyday life. Machinery has influence in nearly all areas of the contemporary world: language, writing, and communication. Particularly in communication, it has influenced the way people converse since the invention of the telephone. While most were excited for the invention of the “new fangled” telephone, some had reservations on how it would affect individual relations with one another. This attitude has continued throughout history with the invention of cell phones, texting, the internet, and social media. While keeping the world interconnected and improving the efficiency of communication, technology’s benefits are outweighed by how it weakens interpersonal relationships, decreases the effectiveness of communication, and replaces it with gratuitous dialogue.
In the world of contemporary telecommunications, technology has made civilization more intersected than ever and at increasing performance. Due to these communication mediums, it is feasible to to share a message, a thought, or a moment worldwide with just a couple of taps. Anyone who “follows” someone on social media can view a snapshot into that person 's life. Technology has become such a vital component of socializing that, “[w]eblogs and e-mail[s]...[have] become a popular [means] of flirting, setting up dates, asking for help…

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