Evolution of Innovation in the Field of Video Games Essay

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Evolution of Innovation in the Field of Video Games
Zachary Speltz
Grand Canyon University: LDR 640
October 12, 2015

Evolution of Innovation in the Field of Video Games The evolution of the video game industry has made it very competitive in terms of having the latest and greatest technology to produce revenue. There are three major companies that are constantly competing for the results which allows for better innovated products. The consumer can see the evolution of in their video game products as well as seeing the Nintendo’s strategic plan of overcoming their competitor’s products, ways of staying number one by making the Wii system, and establish a certain standard for leadership to possess. The evolution of the video game
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The 1990s generation’s consumers wanted to have the arcade games in their household while the 2000’s generation of video game players wanted more developed story lines to play on. Nintendo’s response was to create a friendlier system called the Wii which combined all the past game controlling systems and video games of Nintendo to one for the consumer to re-experience their childhood (Farhoomand, 2009).
Disruptive strategy is a term that means a present product of technology will eventually be outdated because of how the new technology makes the product simpler for the consumer’s usage and deeper understanding the consumer’s needs (Petrick & Martinelli, 2012). The principle behind it is to make the customer feel more specialized and understand their needs. A company in the video game industry generally tries to group all the basic needs of the stereotype video gamer into one game. This is not a disruptive strategy because it is not specialized or making life simpler for the customer’s needs. Nintendo has made controllers that you can use during the game play that are examples of disruptive strategy. For example, in the Mario Kart racing video games for the Nintendo 64 racecar controllers allowed a player to the play the game as if they are really driving the car. This is a specialized feature because not every company like Microsoft or Sony has designed these attachments. When Nintendo was not in the spotlight for their video game consoles, the disruptive strategy

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