Evolution of Health Care Information Systems Essay

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Looking back twenty 1990’s and now in 2010 health care has changed extremely. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) did not exist until 1996. HIPAA made it possible for everyone to qualify for health insurance and setting privacy and they established health information standards and regulation. Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) had a reputation of poor quality of care and the 90’s were the beginning of a major transformation of VHA that was aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of care that was being provided to their patients. Capability to do data analysis in 1990 was impossible most of the data was collected and stored in a room untouched. Advanced in
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There was no standardization to follow for electronic billing of claims. In addition to there were no standardizations on who should have access to patient information and how much of the patient information they should have access to. Before HIPAA was approved by Congress there were no security standards to patient health information and keeping it confidential and private. HIPAA set the health information rules on privacy and they demand that all staff be trained on the security measurements of patient health care information and how to safeguard and protect each patient’s privacy. Employers were required to document all training and they must provide training to new employees. To compare HIPAA from the 1990’s to 2010, by setting standards and rules have made positive accomplishment on how quality of care is being provided to patients. The policy and standard of guidelines they set has improved how health care organizations handle the privacy and security of patient information. HIPAA in 2010 is increasing and enforcing privacy for health information of patient data when using electronic records that require web-based vendors to provide notice of violation of electronic health information. “By February 2010, under provisions adopted by the Stimulus Law, both HIPAA covered entities and web-based vendors that store health information electronically will be required to give notice in the event of a breach” (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 2010. para.

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