Essay on Evolution Of Creationism And Creationism

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Another class strongly affected by religion is science. Since the time evolutionist was founded, the battle between it and creationism has been ongoing. Creationism is the belief that the universe originated from divine creation rather than evolution. Prior to the introduction of evolution in 1858 by Charles Darwin, creationism was taught in science class in schools for the explanation of the beginning of our universe. In 1925, there was a widely popular trial that occurred in Tennessee over the teaching of evolution by 24-year-old teacher John Scopes (Scopes Trial). Scopes was defying a law passed by the test against teaching evolution, and his trial was made to be a kind of example. In this time period, the idea of evolution was still relatively young, and religious was more important. In fact, the state 's attorney believed that “evolution theory led to dangerous social movements.” This idea was widely believed and in the end, the states of Tennessee won the trial. This denial of information by preventing schools from teaching evolution sparks discrimination against people without religion. They may not share the same beliefs as those who are and are still forced to learn this theory. In education, religion plays a large role, whether you realize it or not, that can cause discrimination.
Another role religion plays in government, the role in health, also causes discrimination. There are many treatments for illnesses and diseases today, some more successful than…

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