Evolution of Corrections Essay

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Evolutionary Changes within the Correctional System
Correctional Systems- 2313
Nov. 23, 2014
Mr. Charles Williams

Evolutionary changes within the Correctional System
Corrections is defined as “a process whereby practioners from a variety of agencies and programs use tools, techniques, and facilities, to engage in organized security and treatment functions intended to correct criminal tendencies among offender population” (Hanser, 2013, pg. 2) But the word corrections also originates from a separate meaning which is the need or desire to provide a punishment to individuals that have committed behavior not found suitable or acceptable by the society. Therefore in this essay I will discuss the changes within the American
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This led to a lot of inmate abuse and neglect. But later in the 1930’s the administration was placed in to the hands of not only newly developed Federal Departments of Corrections but also Federal Bureau of Prisons as well. These state legislatures formed Bureaucratic structures to be in control of the daily routines and operations of the prisons. They set specific regulations, operations, and even staff duties. Inmates’ rights finally became more recognized. This led to many lawsuits against facilities and their staff. This major movement for the exercise of inmate’s rights, “were given substantial political and public attention” (Hanser, 2013, pg. 79) Because of this, there was a lot of judicial intervention. Courts faced many cases that were in regards to the first, fourth, eighth, and fourteenth amendments, being abused or neglected. Professionalism: Next was a change within the professionalism of corrections. Organizations like the NIC, ACA, and CAC formed, all in some way to better help the inmates receive proper and appropriate prison conditions. Not only were multiple organizations and bureaucratic structures formed to establish standards and create professional enhancements, but they began to “depoliticize” (Roberts, 2000) the employment within the correctional facilities. Many of the staff and administration are now selected through civil service procedures. Before politics had a


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