Mercedes Benz Research Paper

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Automobiles have become more attached to humans, they have changed our lifestyles over the years, the first automobile was introduced in 1885 by Karl Benz. Then in 1886 Benz created his first engine powered by gasoline, today his company is still in business and it 's ones of the biggest one in business today. The company Karl Benz started is Mercedes Benz, and it 's known for selling sports cars. The first car Benz made was a three wheel car, it had one tire on the front and two in the back, he attempt to show to the public, but he fail, it failed many times because the car was hard to control.The automobile industry has changed over the period of the years. Thomas Savery and Edward Somerset created the first engine which works with steam, …show more content…
Then Karl Benz had the idea of putting a steam engine on a horse cart, it work but he wasn 't satisfied with the car because it was hard to control, as his show to the public his project people weren 't interested in it because it was safe and it was hard to control, he fail a lot of times. The car wasn 't easy to drive because it didn 't have brakes, it didn 't have power steering, which make steering easy, and it was safer to drive during the day because it didn 't have lights either. He never gave up and kept on trying, “In 1888 he was satisfied that his automobile was both safe and practical, as demonstrated by his wife, Bertha. Bertha showed the progress of the new horseless carriage by successfully completing a trip from Mannheim to her mother houses Pforzheim and back, a distance of almost ninety miles (144 kilometers)”(German Engineer Develop). While she was testing the car in the trip Bertha took notes, she wrote what should be improved on the car, it became the first car to be driven and also the first car to be sold to the public. In America the first company of automobiles was Ford the founder of Ford was Henry ford, he put the first car on the American roads. The first car to be in America 's roads was a ford model T, for several years all the …show more content…
Now companies like Tesla and many others are starting to make electric cars, also they made cars that work on both electric and gasoline. A electric car is more affordable than a gasoline car, the electric car all you have to do is charge it at your house, instead of going to the gas station and buying gasoline for your car. H. Piper introduce the electric train which it gave the idea of making cars also run on electricity, “Pipers technology actually followed the work of French inventors: for a ten-year period beginning in 1897, the compagnie Parisienne des Voitures Electric(Paris Electric Car Companie) built a number of electric and hybrid vehicles”(Hybrid Cars). Automobiles industries are giving rebirth to electric cars, the cause of the rebirth was that gasoline cars make a lot of pollution, which is causing global warming. Electric cars run on one or more batteries, the batteries are rechargeable, every time you stop more than half of the energy that has been used its send back to the battery. ”Electric vehicles (EVs, also called battery electric vehicles or BEVs) are vehicles whose wheels are turned byelectric motors rather than by a gasoline-powered drivetrain” (Electric Vehicles). Electric cars have two motor, each motor is connected to each wheel, they replace the engine, many people are choosing the electric cars

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