Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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The 1991 science fiction action film, Terminator 2: Judgement Day vastly explores a small rift in time (1995) just years before the world becomes a destructive place where technology has greatly evolved, to the point of exterminating humans, via the form of an AI(artificial intelligence) system called Skynet. However the dark future of Skynet is tied up to the present day via form of time travel, as the AI sends a Terminator back in to the current time set in Terminator 2 (T2) to kill John Connor, and the resistance sends back another, older terminator, to save him.
This sets the stage for a film of deep engaging action and motifs. The themes of; Fate, the threat cause by the evolution of technology, and the motif that there is a killing
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It is this ability to merge in flawlessly with human civilisation, and to show a false sense of emotion that makes the T-1000 dangerous. This is the evolution factor. It has greatly improved to its predecessor simply on those levels alone. It adapts rapidly to its environment and gains human trust easily. Human begin to feel quite low in the food chain, with the T-800 being extremely superior, the T-1000 makes the older version look like junk metal, as it sports a slick mimetic poly-alloy liquid metal body with the capability to shape shift with ease. This makes him almost invulnerable, as we witness the many attempts to destroy him, he manages to reconstruct himself effortlessly. This is a scary concept, especially since he can make his arms into blades, turning him into a vicious predator, unstoppable, relentless.
Stan Winston, a lead visual effects artist for the film says “Everybody who looks at Terminator 2 now thinks that it was all done with CG — and that’s fine with me, [...] nearly all of those liquid-metal-man shots were done using our puppets. We created 300 separate effects for Terminator 2.”1
As with most of the visual effects within the film, they were done physically with very little being cg work. With the success of these visual effects, the T-1000 's menacing and invulnerable nature was brought to life in a very realistic and scary manner. The visual effects played a large part in this film, specifically in this character, who was a driving force behind the story, using his shapeshifting abilities in whatever means

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